Get To Know Us
JuicyBox is a product of RED CoCreation. 

The company was founded in 2015, and the vision of customer co-created liquids first reached vape shops that year. Enthusiastic acceptance by consumers in test markets led to the company’s current expansion across North America. In addition to nicotine vaping liquids, RED addresses cannabis vaping and cosmetics markets with its other product lines. RED has operations in Bedford PA, Elk River MN, Pittsburgh PA, Boston, MA and in Montreal, QC.

We are just like you. 

The JuicyBox story starts with two young guys and a simple dream: How do we take a vape factory, shrink it down and let customers decide what they want instead of someone else telling them what they want? With no money and a whole lot of drive, Josh and Tom set out to bring the world on-demand, custom vape. Since then, they have been joined by a rock star team of engineers and entrepreneurs that have become part of the very fabric that makes the JuicyBox concept what it is today. After three years of hard work, the JuicyBox dream has become a reality. Today, thousands of vapers are free to simply walk up to a machine, and create exactly what they want. They don't ask for permission. They don't have to play by anyone else's rules, and to us, it was worth the struggle. If you asked if we'd do it all over again, we'd answer you with one word: Definitely.


Josh & Tom scrape together $1500 dollars to build a 10-flavor prototype to test in a local vape shop, expecting to only get 50 customers in a month. JuicyBox became the number one selling product in the store on the first day, and kept the lead every day after that.


The JuicyBox team unveils their 51-flavor countertop model: The JuicyBox Barista. Initially, the Barista underwent 16 months of extensive testing in eight unique locations to prove that experienced vapers and first-timers alike would prefer the custom creation model.


The team spent several months optimizing the JuicyBox vape creation experience so that our customers get absolute top value when they use a machine. Our engineers worked tirelessly to transform the Barista into the easiest to use, most reliable, and safest vape creation platform on the planet.


The JuicyBox Team unveils the JuicyBox Artisan on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. The Artisan is a freestanding model that is ideal for high foot traffic retail locations like convenience stores. The machine features brand new onboard mixing interface and takes up less room than a vending machine.

You know your own tastes best. 

JuicyBox delivers first on a new wave of technology that will change your life. You deserve to define exactly what you want and buy it on the spot. Long product development cycles, test markets, and mass production may have been efficient for manufacturers, but never for you. Say goodbye to the old way. The new world of products has you at the center.

Convenience and Quality Belong Together

Precision, direct manufacturing happens right in the store so freshness is a given. "Right now" is as convenient as it gets. But did you know that JuicyBox precision is the best in the industry? Each component of your vape juice is dispensed with utmost accuracy.

We Do The Right Thing

Giving customers exactly what they want, when they want it, is definitely the right thing. Our standards of for packaging and distributing fluids exceed all industry guidelines.

We Want A Smoke Free World

We adhere strictly to all regulations - especially by cooperating to prohibit under-age sales. Vaping has been shown to be an effective smoking cessation tool, and we will send you a copy of our cessation program guide free upon request.

You Don't Need Gimmicks

Straight up, we deliver your ideal vape juice. That alone should earn your loyalty and recommendation. JuicyBox backs up your confidence with the best business practices of any consumer product company.

Our vape juice is the best you've had, or we'll refund your full purchase price. 

That sounds unconditional - because it is. If our vaping fluids disappoint you in any way, get in touch with us and we'll arrange for a refund at place of purchase.


You can create a mixilliontm flavors with JuicyBox. How many is that? More than all other juices from all other makers combined - way, way more. It's about one followed by 63 zeroes, so you definitely won't get bored. Of course, you can make your favorites again and again, from any JuicyBox anywhere.


How can we deliver you the highest quality at affordable prices? It's easy. No waste. Every bottle is custom produced for you in the store when you want it. Since only fresh product is ever made, we don't have the inventory cost and stale product problems inherent in pre-bottled juice.


Customer co-creation is the founding motivation for our company. You control product development directly every time you use JuicyBox. You know your taste. Why should you be forced to buy what someone else thinks you should like?


You have our commitment for complete satisfaction. Tell us what you think right away, and we'll show how we do right by our customers.